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Society Registration through These Simple Steps

Society registration was started for the development, improvement and promotion of charitable activities like sports, music, art, education etc. Society registration begins with the association of several individuals, who supports the common agenda; and is govern by the society registration act, which was introduced in 1860.

The first step of society registration is to select the name of the society, after selecting the name; we need to focus on society memorandum, which involves the details of the members and offices with their KYC verification. It takes approximately one to months for the society registration to complete.


For society registration, you just need to fill in the details in society registration form, regulated by the society registration act 1860 and submit the required documents. The documents required for the society registration areĀ  as follows ; ownership of the registered society, ID proofs of all the members, address proof of all the members, electricity bill/water bill (business place) , copy of property papers(if owned property), landlord NOC.

Society registration requires the involvement of at least seven members or more, who are above eighteen years of age.

Society registration is done for the benefit of general public with a motive of helping the people in some way. Society registration is taken ahead as a nonprofit organization, which has sheer focus on overcoming the challenges faced by common public. Charitable societies, the military orphan funds or societies established at the several presidencies of India, societies established for the advancement of arts, science and literature, public museums and galleries, collection of natural history etc comes under society registration.

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