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Why sale deed is required?

Sale deed is a very important document as it defines the ownership of the property. It is executed at the time of buying or selling property. It a very crucial document because it is an evidence for the actual owner of the property. It is executed at the time when parties are satisfied with the terms and conditions mentioned under sale agreement.

Sale deed consist the details of the owner of the property and the other details of the property. It is a valid proof of ownership. It is executed on the non judicial stamp paper. The value of the stamp paper shall be the value prescribed by the state government where the transaction related to the property has taken place.

The registration of sale deed will be as per the provisions of Registration Act, 1908. For registration, parties involved have to make their presence in the office of sub registrar for the signing of sale deed along with the requisite documents and two witnesses. After registration buyer shall have the legal rights on the property.

A Sale Deed signifies the transferring the title of the property from the seller to buyer. This title is not revocable.

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