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Political Party Registration in India

Before you announce your political party arrival on air, don’t forget to register your political party first and then take the lead. It is necessary for every association to get registered by the election commission of India. Political party registration is governed by the provision of section 29A of the representation of the people Act, 1951.

A party under formation has to submit the filled application within the thirty days of party formation, which has to written in an immaculate manner in the prescribed format. Proper details have to be mentioned of every party member as required under section 29A of the representation of the people Act, 1951.

What Is The Procedure For Political Party Registration In India?

Following steps are required to be taken for political party registration:

  • The party name should not contain or hurt any religion or caste.
  • The objective of the political party should be under the horizon of constitution of India.
  • Party members should be considered equally, no discrimination on the basis of caste, religion or gender during the selection of members.
  • No veto power is exercised within the party, It should always reflect the democratic approach.
  • Not more than one third of the members can be nominated within maximum five years and there has to be periodic elections within every five years.
  • Party funds cannot be used for any of the personal use of party member. Proper accounts have to be maintained, every time party shells out money for their use. These accounts are annually audited by the CAG and its reports have to be submitted to the election commission of India within six months of the financial year end.
  • A checklist of items stating clear answer against each item can be submitted

Documents Required For the Political Party Registration

Following documents are required for Political Party Registration:

  • A demand draft of Rs.10000 must be sent under the favor of Under Secretary, Election Commission of India, New Delhi. And this amount of Rs.10000 is non refundable.
  • After that party has to submit neatly typed copy of memorandum, rules and regulation containing specific provision as required under sub-section(5) of Section 29A of the Representation of People Act, 1951.
  • An affidavit mentioning no member of the political party is registered with any other political party.
  • Extracts from the latest electoral polls at least 100 members of the
  • A No Objection Certificate must be submitted for the party office space
  • An Affidavit including the former involvement in any criminal activity of the party members
  • Party as an evidence should be registered voters.
  • Business, wealth, assets and investments of every party member and their spouse and children must be disclosed.
  • Details of bank account and PAN under party’s name.

Currently, there are seven national parties and fifty six state parties. Nearly seventeen hundred parties are registered with election commission of India. Political Party registration in India is a cumbersome task, when it comes to filing the documents and registering it.

Make sure to follow the proper guidelines to start your political game.

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